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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Series from Karen Amanda Hooper!

Karen Amanda Hooper, author of two of my favorite series, The Kindrily series and The Sea Monster Memoirs, is releasing a new series, Virtual Arcana.
Today, we’re helping her reveal the cover...

Karen says: “I love the cover because it represents the story so perfectly—a blend of old-fashioned and techy, romance and magic, reality and illusion, The Notebook meets The Matrix (with a sprinkling of The Giver). Some friends saw an early sneak peek and asked if the girl was real or a CGI (computer-generated image).  That put a huge smile on my face because that is the perfect question for this series.” *insert mischievous smile here*

Karen gives huge thanks to friend and talented cover designer, Steve Graham of  the INFINITY CREATIVE ( for making her virtual reality-esque vision a beautiful reality.

Virtual Arcana will release this fall serial style, meaning short episodes (averaging 15-20k) will be published frequently (official schedule TBA), instead of waiting 6-12 months between each long book in a trilogy.
Each episode will be named after one of the major arcana cards of a tarot deck.

Season 1- Episode List

0- The Fool
1-The Magician
2-The High Priestess
3-The Empress
4-The Emperor
5-The Hierophant
6- The Lovers

Karen says: “It’s an experiment for me as an author and for my readers. If Virtual Arcana develops a good following I’ll continue with season 2 and 3. That would mean 22 total episodes, one for each of the 22 major arcana tarot cards.”

Summary of Virtual Arcana:

In a faraway future, Kelsey Zellar is starting her senior year at yet another school thanks to her twin sister’s troublesome obsession with outlawed virtual reality games.

Every school they’ve ever attended is pretty much the same: lunchroom drama, rich kids binging on enhancement candies, and classmates rallying for or against the government’s strict control over everything from entertainment privileges to caffeine consumption.

Unlike her sister, Kelsey follows the rules and keeps her nose out of trouble and politics while sniffing out her next flavored latte and favorite novel. But when Kelsey meets a charming book connoisseur, and accepts his offering of a tarot card, she takes the first step toward two new addictions: the guy of her dreams, and his illegal dealing of virtual escapes into her beloved storybooks.

Kelsey straddles the worlds of fiction and reality, but is she a fool for believing in her own happy ending?
Karen says: “I realize some of my readers don’t/won’t care for episodic storytelling, so of course there will be the option to wait until the first season is complete and read all the episodes straight through as one full-length novel. But I wanted to offer my new series as a serial for those readers who dislike waiting so long to read more.”

To celebrate, Karen is giving away EIGHT ebooks of the first episode: The Fool.
Open internationally.
Enter using the Rafflecopter below.

Karen Hooper writes young adult paranormal and fantasy, and is the author of The Kindrily series and The Sea Monster Memoirs. She is currently sunning and splashing around Florida with her two beloved dogs. She’s addicted to coffee, chocolate, and complicated happily-ever-afters.

You can find her at .

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Christine Fonseca's Collide Release Celebration

I'm very excited to be celebrating the release of my friend Christine Fonseca's latest novel. This is one you won't want to miss. Read on for an excerpt and a contest!
What if psychic warfare is real???

Christine Fonseca's latest action-packed, heart-pounding thriller COLLIDE, explores the world of psychic warfare with a new twist!

The most dangerous secrets are the ones that kill.

When a surprising mental breakdown draws too much attention from a secret government group call the Order, 17-year-old Dakota discovers that her so-called boring life isn’t so boring after all. Between the lies, secrets and assassins out to kill her family, Dakota discovers there’s more to paranormal activity than ghosts and cheap mind tricks. Now she must uncover the truth before a new breed of terrorism takes everything away – including her life.


Early Praise:
"Collide is a fast moving, suspenseful thriller full of twists and turns around every bend. An action packed read that will have your heart slamming in your chest and your mind racing until the end."
- Brooke DelVecchio, the Cover Contessa - blogger/reviewer

And here is a little teaser:

Get your copy of COLLIDE today! Only $2.99.

Quick and Easy Tweets:

New Release! COLLIDE by chrstinef The most dangerous secrets are the ones that kill!!! #Thriller #Suspense #Paranormal #YA

There's more to paranormal activity than cheap mind tricks in COLLIDE. #Newrelease by @chrstinef #YA #paranormal

Christine Fonseca, exploring humanity one story at a time.

Critically acclaimed and award-winning author of YA novels and nonfiction, Christine is dedicated to helping people of all ages find their own unique voice in our noisy world. She crafts psychological thrillers, sweeping romances and self-help books that explore the darker aspects of humanity with hope and authenticity. A love lover of books, lattes, and family, Christine is passionate about the world and believes that all things are possible when we work together. Find out more about Christine, her books, and her passion for life at


What's a party without a celebration, right? So, I have a little giveaway to celebrate. Check out the wonderful NEW releases from other Indie author buds of mine, as well as the SIGNED PAPERBACKS and a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card I'm giving away. I'll tell you, it is an extravaganza to be sure!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What Makes An Agent Fabulous?

When I was researching clients of the agents who asked for my work at RT, I came across a lot of authors who said they were 'repped by the fabulous' so and so. It made me wonder what made them fabulous. Was it excited newly repped authors, or something deeper? After pitching to the agents and receiving requests from several of them, it turned out it was much deeper. What makes an agent perfect for an author is different for every pair but there were enough consistencies that revealed what made them 'fabulous' to me.

Sitting at coffee with two such fabulous agents, and listening to them talk about their clients who were preparing for the big book fair happening two floors above, I heard some things that really made me smile. One of the agents was concerned that one of her clients didn't have a stylus for the eBook signing. She had looked everywhere, even went to the shop across the way to try and find one. The other agent said she could borrow hers if need be. Very fabulous-worthy.

Another key element I noticed was that agents whose authors said they were fabulous had a higher tendency to tweet regarding their authors and their books, list them on their personal websites, and basically rave about them on all their social media. In this industry exposure is everything and when an author's agent is willing to go that extra mile and shout out for them, it can make a difference. Pretty fabulous indeed.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Review: Odd Thomas

It has been a long time since I've read a book that literally kept me up at night reading page after page, devouring multiple chapters at a time. This book did that and so much more. The writing is superb, some passages and descriptions so good that I read them twice, like letting good wine sit on the tongue. That kind of writing is hard to find anymore. The dark sense of humor was entrancing, and much like my own in many ways so it was something I could relate to and understand. The deep rooted morals of a tormented soul who managed to do good despite what he'd been through in the past, and what he went through each day, was inspiring.

Sure, at times the references are too old for the character, he sometimes speaks directly to the reader, and the violence portrayed within isn't prettied up, but then if you saw dead people, you'd be a bit of an old soul too. And it is written sort of as a memoire after all. So, this won't be for everyone. But it was definitely for me. Five stars, and it passes the ultimate test, I will absolutely be reading the next book.

Find it on:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vampire Academy Needs Your Help

When the Vampire Academy movie came out in my area I attempted to rush out and see it. The problem was, showings were limited. I figured, I'd catch it the following weekend. It was pulled by then. One week released in this area. I had a sinking feeling it must sort of blow chunks. I was wrong. Having just seen it, I kind of loved it. Sure, Dimitri isn't how I pictured him, but I can live with that. I absolutely loved the books, devoured them, in fact, so I was really psyched to see and support the movie. Alas, I was unable to. Until now. 

Turns out they are considering a sequel, but they need to see more buzz on social media to justify it. So I'm doing my duty for a series that blew Twilight to bits and then some. Seriously, it is that good. If you haven't read it because you feared it was just another teen vampire series, you are really missing out. This series is far more Buffy than Twilight. It kicks some serious butt. Click like your life depends on it to check these books out then Tweet, FB, and post your hearts out to help support books that empower young women. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Book Review: Dragons & Dirigibles

This book started out strong and very interesting. It's an alternate Europe that mixes supernatural and steampunk, which is part of what drew me because I love it when the two are mixed. Don't be deceived by the title though, dragons aren't gallivanting through England. I don't want to give away too much there, but let's just say they are more of a metaphor than a physical thing, so this novella in the series isn't as heavy on the fantasy as it sounds. I found myself cheering for Melody and warming up to Victor despite some of his old-fashioned (then in fashion) ways and beliefs.

I knew this was a novella getting into it and that didn't bother me. But, I found that I liked the characters and the story so much so that I wanted more of it, and not just more of the series, but more of this novel. With a few things fleshed out fully this would have been outstanding. As it was, it was a good, quick read that felt a bit rushed in places. I would recommend it for fans of romantic steampunk. I give it 3.5 for great characters and an interesting world.

Find it on:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Update on the #WritersRoad Twitter Chat

In the vacuum created by the loss of our favorite chat years ago, a friend, Tee Tate, and I created the #WritersRoad. We also have a Facebook group, though the live chat occurs on Twitter (via Tweetdeck is one of the easiest apps to use).

Tee and I co-host this chat every other Monday night on Twitter at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time (9:00pm for our east coast friends). We chat about everything related to the writer's road. We decide on a topic based on the needs of our chatters (suggestions are welcome on both Twitter and our Facebook group) and we announce it the weekend before on Twitter. On the off weeks that we don't chat, we engage in #WordWar (still using the #WritersRoad hashtag as well), an hour long writing sprint where we check in at the end with out word count and encourage each other along the way.

We often have outstanding guests be they authors, agents, editors, or another type of publishing industry professionals. This is a great opportunity to network with other writers or agents, perhaps find a critique group, learn about the craft of writing, or just enjoy the support of our fantastic writing community. This chat is often trending so be ready for a hopping time!

Please note: We are ecstatic that #WritersRoad has become a common hashtag on Twitter now, used for many things besides the chat. Thank you to all who have made us a household name! We only ask that you refrain from using the hashtag during the chat on Monday's for things that aren't related to the chat. Any other time, we are honored. 

The channeler series trailer: