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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Book Review: The Wolf Siren

This is a paranormal romance of a very different, and delicious, flavor. While I love werewolf stories, I must admit, there are so many out there that they begin to blend into one another, many sounding the same after a while. This is NOT one of those. This novel is special, brilliantly unique in many ways both for romance and paranormal. I have not read the first novel in the series, but it isn't necessary. This one stands on it's own. However, it was so good that I'm going to go back and read the first one.

The romance develops in a slow, believable pace between Lilly and Kane, and with good reason considering she has just been freed from years of captivity. Lilly is an emotionally damaged person that Kane has no intention of taking advantage of, or falling in love with. This tenderness and the careful way the author develops the relationship between the two of them was so refreshing that it made the end result that much sweeter. If you are a fan of paranormal romance then you absolutely must read this novel!

Find it on:

Disclaimer: A copy was provided by the publisher to me through NetGalley for an honest review. This review is not compromised or influenced by that fact in any way. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Perfecting Your Pitch

The perfect pitch is just as important as the perfect first sentence, paragraph, or chapter. Without the right pitch, your manuscript could sail off into the outfield despite how brilliant it might be. Effectively communicating what your book is about, and why it's brilliant, is the key to getting an agent or editor interested enough to read beyond the query, or ask for pages after the pitch session.

In a query letter, you should almost always start with a sentence that says the genre, word length, and why the manuscript is right for that agent/editor (this second part shows you did your research on them and helps personalize it). Some like to put this at the end but the majority of agents that I've talked to, worked with, or read their blogs like this at the beginning.  The next part is the one-sentence hook. This is basically a summary of your book in one sentence. This does not mean you need to cram it all into a long run on sentence, the opposite in fact. It needs to be under 35 words or so (Twitter length is a good rule of thumb), highlight what is most interesting about your novel, and make them want more.

Following that are two to three short paragraphs highlighting the remaining elements in your novel that are interesting/important. Please remember, this isn't a grocery list, make it flow and read interesting. Think of the voice of your book and try to capture that a bit when you write this part.

Sum it up with a short sentence thanking them for their time and giving them multiple ways to contact you. Want to try those pitches out? Tonight on the #WritersRoad chat at 6:00pm PT on Twitter (via Tweetdeck is easiest) we're chatting all about it. Come join us!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Vampire Novel That is Not to be Missed

Love vampires and YA novels? Then you are in for a treat! One of my good friends, and fellow Indelibles, has a fantastic new book coming out~well, more than one in fact! The first book in the second season of Blood and Snow is entitled VAMPIRE LIES. RaShelle is releasing the volumes a little differently this time. Instead of 12 smaller volumes and a bunch of short stories like Season 1, there will be at least three full length novels.

You can pre-order book 1 by clicking HERE.

In Season 2 there will still be plenty of Snow White and her true love, but the story will be told from Jasmine's point of view.

Here's this summary: 

Genre: YA Fractured Fairytale
Blood and Snow Season 2
Book 1 ~ Vampire Lies

*** Eyes like violet sapphires. Wings of smoldering fire. Consume your true love's blood. Become the Eternal Vampire. ***

Once upon a time there lived a vampire with wings and the genie who loved her...

Born of the seven magics, Jasmine is different in every way, including the obnoxious wings on her back courtesy of the original Vampires. She wants to be normal, to be a regular teenaged girl.

When a gorgeous dark-haired boy named Laeddin shows up and promises to sneak her away from all her problems and hide her in the human world, she agrees.

But an evil lurks in her nightmares, a man with red eyes. It doesn’t take long for Jasmine to realize that no matter how far she tries to run from who she is, he’s only a dream away. He wants her. He needs her. He acts as though he loves her.

It’s becoming harder and harder to tell the difference between the path that’ll lead to her happily ever after, and the path that’ll lead to her destruction as well as all magic.
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Have you read the first season of Blood and Snow? If not, Amazon is running a special right now where you can get all 12 volumes for only $1.99. Get it HERE

Monday, March 31, 2014

Cover Reveal: Bingo Summer

Today I'm excited to join in on the cover reveal of Bingo Summer by Dawn Malone, a middle grade novel that you won't want to miss. Not only is she a great author and friend, she is a client and it was my distinct pleasure to design this cover for her.

Here is a bit about Bingo Summer:

On her thirteenth birthday, Summer Haas scratches the lottery ticket her mom tucked into her birthday card and the down-on-their-luck family become instant millionaires. Then the attention gets crazy in their small Illinois town, and the family moves north to ‘disappear’ in the Chicago suburbs. Summer’s new home might as well be on the Moon, it’s so different from where she used to live.

Suddenly, Summer is a candidate for student council, trades her t-shirt and jeans for mall-brand clothes, and throws a party for her entire grade even though she didn't invite a single guest. Everyone wants Summer to be someone other than herself, including the super-popular Suri who Summer hopes will be her new best friend. There’s Mara who wants Summer to forget about competing with her for third base when softball season comes. And Summer just wants to avoid Dink and Anna even though she has more in common with them than she wants to admit.
But when Mara discovers how Summer’s family made their millions, and threatens to tell the whole school, Summer needs a friend more than ever. Can Summer fit in AND stay true to herself?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Big Announcement: A New Book!

At last, the next book in the Dragon Empire world~The First Dragonwatcher~has a release date, this September! It is a stand alone fantasy novel set in the same world as The Dragon Empire, but told from the point of view of a different character than those in Dragon Empire, a human character. Those of you who read The Dragon Empire may remember him, Torin. This one is adult fantasy and will be the first in a series. 

To here more about it, and to help me with the cover reveal that is coming soon, I hope you'll drop by my website

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

eBook Pricing Lawsuit: Win or Loss?

Like myself, many of you may have received an email about a credit given to your for eBooks you purchased that were deemed over-priced. A recent lawsuit against Holtzbrinck Publishers, LLC, known as Macmillan (“Macmillan”), Penguin Group (USA) Inc. (“Penguin”), Hachette Book Group, Inc. (“Hachette”), HarperCollins Publishers LLC (“HarperCollins”) and Simon & Schuster, Inc. and Simon & Schuster Digital Sales, Inc. (“Simon & Schuster”) claimed the publishers conspired to fix and raise retail prices of E-books.

I read this and thought, "Well of course they did. Publishers have always fixed prices of books, why should eBooks be any different?" But the problem wasn't so much the fixing of the price as it was the price itself. You may have noticed eBook prices as high as $13.99 for bestselling authors. For sanity's sake, the paperback of that book cost the same. So of course, I balked at the price, and chose not to buy. As an author I'm a huge supporter of paying a fair price for a book because I know how much work authors put into them. But, when there is no overhead, no printing cost, and low distribution costs on eBooks, lower prices are warranted. I've made it a practice to never buy an eBook for the same price that I could get a paperback of the same novel.

On one hand I don't agree with the lawsuit. It seems as though there could have been a better way to get publishers to agree on a reasonable ceiling for eBook prices based off their length, distribution, and such. On the other, some of the prices were getting out of hand and pushing eBooks out of reach of many. After all, we don't want eBooks to go the way of movies and become so ridiculously over priced that people stop spending the money on them. Where do you weigh in on the pricing of eBooks?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Book Review: Full-Blood Half-Breed

I picked this book out because I love martial arts and the description led me to believe this was going to be an outstanding adult book featuring martial arts. Unfortunately I let those beliefs overlook the strong religious undertones in the remainder of the description of the book. This was far more about corrupt religion than it was about martial arts. That said, it is neither the publisher nor the author's fault that I overlooked this part of the synopsis. So, I will do my review based on the book, not the content. For the writing, world building, and character development, it earns a solid four stars.

The world building was thorough and believable with an excellent balance of dialogue, action, and character building. The characters were very well developed, though I didn't like how Paladin came across as the spoiled, naive teenager. That said, I still liked Paladin, I just wasn't expecting such a young adult feel to the novel as it was presented as a violent, adult fantasy novel in the description. The dual points of view between Paladin and Fox, the antagonist, were brilliantly done. At times I sympathized with Fox and understood him~almost, which is excellent considering how dark of a character he is.

If you don't mind strong religious overtones about corrupt factions in your fantasy, then I would recommend this for it is very well written.

The channeler series trailer: