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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Opportunity for Writers

For my writer friends out there, I have news of a great opportunity to get a critique. My agency sister Marisa Cleveland is hosting a first page critique contest. The fun part, it is completely non-subjective as it is based solely off random choosing. The fabulous part is that it is a critique with Lane Heymont, the newest junior agent at the Seymour Agency. And trust me folks, you want to represented by this fabulous agency, and not just because you'd then be agency family with me. :)

Lane is looking for well-written science fiction and fantasy novels. Exceptional world building is a must. In the non-fiction, he is looking for the inspiring, intriguing, and mysterious. For more on Lane, click here. To enter this fabulous contest, click here. Best of luck to all of you!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Revisions and New Projects

This new year is absolutely going to rock. I'm expecting two projects back from my agents soon, yep two. They could both arrive at the same time, or weeks apart. Stressful, heck no, that's part of the fun. I'm psyched to have two projects out to them because that's two projects that will be out on editorial submission to publishers this year. Woo!

And, because I simply cannot stop, I'm hard at work on a new book. This one is based off supporting characters in one of my books out to my agents. Want a hint as to what it is about? Check out my Pinterest board for it at this link.

How is your new year going so far?

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resolutions Revisited and Renewed

Photo Credit: McCorkle Creations
I like making resolutions, especially on my blog where I can hold myself accountable. It's hard, knowing the evidence will be right there, so I work all the harder to bring them to fruition. With that in mind, here is a look back at last year's resolutions, along with honest answers as to how I did.

2014: #1 Focus on fitness.
Results: I bombed this one. *Sigh* The weight I gained was not muscle.
New Resolution: Work out harder, more often. Planned weekly regiment with activity on the weekend as well!

2014: #2 Write every day.
Results: I ROCKED this one. Three novels written last year. Whoo!
New Resolution: Write three more this year. Get them to my agents, sell them, hopefully this year as well.

2014: #3 Pursue traditional publishing.
Results: So far, so good. See # 5.
New Resolution: Get my manuscripts that are written highly polished along with the help of my agents, and sell them to great houses!

2014: #4 Chat with my friends more often.
Results: Good. I balanced social media with writing time better than I ever have before.
New Resolution: Keep it up. Meet and interact with more amazing new people.

2014: #5 Attend a great conference.
Results: Boy did I! RT in New Orleans was career changing for me. My novel won second place in their Author Idol contest and landed me two fabulous agents, something I never dreamed of having!
New Resolution: No cons for me this year. This year is all about writing, editing, and getting those polished manuscripts back to my agents so they can sell them.

New Non-Writing Resolution: Design more covers for indie authors this year though my design business, McCorkle Creations. Last year was a great year for me. I had the opportunity to design covers for some authors that I truly admire such as Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi, Angela Brown, Alessandra Macaluso, Fida Islaih, and many more. I love designing and helping authors bring their dreams to life!

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